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Our Members

Influence & Representation

  • Ensure BME representation, locally, regionally and nationally on key decision making issues and structures.
  • Liaison & strategic Representation – bring together BME VCFS to discuss areas of concern and avoid duplication of effort.
  • To consult and co-ordinate on the barriers/issues facing BME Communities to influence change and achieve social inclusion and Community Cohesion.
  • To develop and operate effective methods for sharing of information, between members, and other partners, as necessary.

Share Best Practice

To contribute to best practice in the communications, consultation and reviewing activities of all the groups and offer specialist advocacy to address any barriers, discrimination which groups can at time face.

Our Objectives

  1. To engage, promote and support the work of Health & Wellbeing agencies at all levels to address issues and/or barriers faced by local BME communities. Particularly focusing on Mental Health and Substance Misuse and Domestic violence.
  2. To develop and implement initiatives that overcome barriers faced by BME young people and their families.
  3. To support the integration, empowerment and civic engagement of BME communities.
  4. To engage and support multi-agency work that improves opportunity in Education, Employment and Housing for BME communities.
  5. To assist policy and support implementation of integration strategies effecting BME communities in Lancashire.
  6. To act as the strategic representative body to ensure robust communication and civic participation across sectors on behalf of the BME communities in Lancashire.
  7. To engage and support BME communities facing exclusion, discrimination or injustice.
  8. To work with relevant agencies, in all sector s to address BME under-representation within their workforces.
  9. To help and support the work of multi-agencies to address counter-terrorism and the threat imposed from violent extremism.


Project BME Members and affiliated members  List

we have developed a strategic alliance with the Preston BME Forum and these are there Preston BME forum  

Blackburn w Darwen 

  • Inter madrassa organization    Affiliated 
  • Women voices (informal)
  • Di indigo (disabilities    group)
  • Lancashire council of Mosque 
  • Hamsafr 
  • Darwen brotherhood  
  • Asian women’s support group 
  • Hindu society 
  • One Voice   Affiliated 
  • All together women group Darwen 


  • Hyndburn racial equality (racial equality)
  • Opal community training  
  • Hams afar   (mental health) 
  • Empower 
  • Burnley 
  • The women’s centre Burnley 
  • Access   Alpha limited.
  • Pendle Building bridges 
  • (ELCAP) East Lancashire radio 
  • PEEF   (Pendle enterprise)
  • SCARF 


  • Saleyan 
  • Zameena   Young women 
  • Dosti South Asian Men forum 
  • Mind   affiliated  (informal)


  • Lancashire Black history Association 
  • Sahara  
  • Pukar    (disabilities)
  • Wind rush initiatives 
  • Independent hate crime hub


  • Blackpool Black history group 
  • Noor Madina Mosque (religion) 
  • Blackpool Women forum association   (women issues)
  • Blackpool animal rescue (animal care)
  • Rising star   (supporting orphanages)

Lancashire wide 

  • Isaak Hitchin LGBT 
  • Encompass 
  • MA Foundation   

Affiliated   (Universities)

  • Lancaster 
  • Leeds 
  • Lancaster 
  • Blackburn W Darwen University 
  • Lancashire Constabulary Hutton 


Organisation CONTACT
Maa Bachaa  Nurzhan Amla
Black Education Training/Windrush Adrian Murrell
7th Day Adventist Church  Jeff Couzins
7th Day Adventist  Claudette Coke
Black History Group Clinton Smith
Jamea Masjid Youth Club Fayyaz Ali
REC  Faruk Desai
Gujerat Hindu Society Bikhu Patel
Sister for Sisters Sister Sophie
Swaminarayan Hindu Association Kailash Parekh
Gujerat Muslim Welfare Association   Mahmud Amirat
Jalgos  Mike Dawkins
Pukar  Younus Khan
Preston Muslim Forum Vali Patel
7th Day Adventist Youth Group Ronald Clarke
Preston Deepdale Community Assoc   Elyas Lulat
Red Rose Sports Siraz Natha
Spectrum  Philip Duncan
Reformed  for Life  Ikram Patel
Youth in Action Yasin Bux
Pukar   Younus Khan
Sahara  Zafar Coupland (Chair)
Fishwick Rangers Zul Hussain
Telegu Community P. Venkata Reddy
Telegu Community T.R.K. Reddy
Guru Nanak Gurdwara Phil Singh
Preston Faith Forum Peter Lumsden
Canaries Community Association Ismail Bax
Fair For All Khushnood
Shabash Sajid Bashir
Malalyee Group Dr Anand
Montserrat Association Mr Skerrit
African Beads Society Thomas Francis Adeyinka
Afghan Community Kadim Nori
Polish Community Father Pawel Szatlewski
Romanian Community Association  Mirela
Flags Saara Ali
PM Burial Society Iqbal Adam
WOW (Women of Change)  
Preston Active for All Tahera kalang
Quwwatul Islam Masjid Mufti Khalid Ibrahim
Masjid-e-Quba Moulana Naeem Toorawa
Eldon St Masjid Moulana Arif Toorawa
Preston Muslim Girls High School Mufti Javid Pathan
Jamea Masjid Moulana Amjad Yoosuf
Al Ansaar Moulana Farook Kazi
Mauhuddus Shuhada Moulana Elyas Desai
IQRA Education Trust Shaukat
Masjid-e-Falah Mufti Ayub Patel
Madina Masjid Yakub Patel
Masjid-e-Saliheen (Broadgate) Ismail Tagaree
Masjid-e-Salaam ook Asanji
Masjid-e-Noor Hafez Ismail
Masjid-e-Aqsa Sandal Hussain
Raza Masjid  
Preston Police Chief Inspector Tracy O'Gara
Lancashire Fire & Rescue Caroline Lancaster
Central Lancs CVS Joan Burrows
LCC Health & Well Being Engagement Kiran Banati
LCC, YPS Grant Murdoch
Help Direct Lynn Quigley
Preston Carers Farzana Adam
Preston City Council Councillor Matthew Brown
Lancashire County Council County Councillor Jennifer Mein
Clinical Commissioning Group Glenis Tansey
Preston Community Transport Joe Hannett
Connect 4 Life Max Neill
Heartbeat Sian Edwards
The Challenge Network Esther Wilks
Aisha Desai Healthwatch